Dates & Venue国家両庁院 台北:2023年10月12日(木)〜15日(日)
台中国家歌劇院 台中:2023年10月28日(土)、29日(日)
衛武営国家芸術文化中心 高雄:2023年11月4日(土)、5日(日)

CHENG Tsung-lung, Artistic Director and choreographer of Cloud Gate, selected as 50 Contemporary Choreographers by Routledge Publishing, creates new work WAVES for Cloud Gate’s 50th anniversary. CHENG invites renowned digital artist Daito MANABE together to imagine the unseen body.

CHENG and MANABE explore what WAVES, in forms of energies, could transmit from the body, across spatial surfaces, mediums and humans. Waves transmit tangible objects and intangible elements. Set out to collect dancing body movements as digital data, metamorphose through artificial intelligence, CHENG and MANABE explore with dancers the boundaries of human movements in cognition, and provide an alternative perspective of how we see the world around us.