On July 24th, 2018 — exactly two years before the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony — Perfume appeared on the NHK TV special Uchimura Gorin Sengen: Two Year Countdown to the TOKYO 2020 Olympics! for a live performance of “Mugen Mirai.”

By controlling the vertical exposure timing of the CMOS image sensor and the drawing timing of the laser, the system controls at which height in the captured image the laser light appears. Furthermore, by calibrating parameters such as the position and orientation of the laser, the system enables the laser light to appear at any desired position in the camera image using the position and orientation information of the camera obtained from the optical motion capture system.

This system made it possible to draw any desired shape with lasers at specific positions in 3D space, allowing viewers to enjoy a different light performance on TV than the laser effects seen at the venue.

Perfume x TECHNOLOGY | 東京2020で変わる | NHK Tokyo2020


Creative Direction: Daito Manabe
Technical Direction, Hardware Engineering: Motoi Ishibashi
Software Engineering: Yuya Hanai
Visual Programming: Satoshi Horii
Hardware Engineering: Tomoaki Yanagisawa
Synchronous System Development & Operation: Shintaro Kamijo
Craft: Muryo Homma, Toshitaka Mochizuki, Kyohei Mouri, Saki Ishikawa
Produce: Takao Inoue