DatesFriday, October 6–Sunday, November 12, 2023
VenueTOKYO NODE Toranomon Hills Station Tower GALLERY A/B/C

As the audience enters the space, the space begins to transform and evolves along with them, and a dancer appears right in front of them. This immersive performance delves deep into the evolving human “sensations” in the age of AI.
In the expansive exhibition space of TOKYO NODE situated on the 45 floor up in the sky featuring a soaring 15m ceiling and a vast 1500 square meter area, the audience will enter the world of the elaborate stage art and explore their own stories. This immersive experience merges exhibition and dance performance, transforming spectators into active participants and witnesses to the unfolding spectacle. This unique experience that deepens people’s intrinsic senses and reconstructs our existence will make its world premiere at TOKYO NODE this fall.

<Artists’ comment>
“Syn : Unfolded Horizon of Bodily Senses” by Rhizomatiks × ELEVENPLAY will reconstruct the inherent sense in ourselves and explore the real world from a new perspective. The stage is a counterpoint where the audience and the performers meet and gather, as well as a creative space each interpretation of the narrative continuously converges. We wish to share with you this unique journey where the body and the mind will resonate together to invite you to the new realms of perception.