Nike’s “The Pulse of London” event for Air Max Day 2023 was a vibrant celebration that blended music, culture, and technological innovation in South London. A highlight was a 15-meter-long Air Max Pulse shoe floating above Peckham Levels, onto which generative visuals were projected. These visuals were crafted live by Daito Manabe, who transformed the energetic beats of the event into captivating visual art, enhancing the experience and extending its reach into the London skyline.

This innovative fusion was part of Nike’s broader initiative to connect Air Max with emerging talents globally, showcasing collaborations and celebrating the electric energy of London’s cultural scene. The event, centered at the Copeland Gallery, attracted athletes, cultural icons, and exclusive Nike SNKRS members, offering multi-room exhibitions and a music room where top DJs and collectives performed, culminating in a memorable set by D Double