Produced: 2018
Time: 1 minute
Material: LED, lens array, robot arm
Material Support : Askanet Inc.

Photo ©Hanayuki Higashi

This work is a light performance utilizing real light and reconstructed light using Light Fields.

Daito Manabe has used Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in his collaborative theater works with MIKIKO and ELEVENPLAY to release works that are on the forefront of the world of blending the border between reality and artificial reality.

Collaborative research with Rhizomatiks Research has been done to be able to design how 3D light visuals that are able to be seen with the naked eye on the stage.

Light Field is a technique within computational light, an expression of light enabled with the use of computers to calculate complex algorithms.

Through the research achievements, the collaborative work with MIKIKO and ELEVENPLAY “phospehere” was created using real dancers and artificially constructed dancers using Light Field technologies. These performances were then performed around the world such as Sonar Sound Festival (Barcleona), Todays Art Festival (Den Haag), and as a movie in Ars Electronica (Linz).

This work is a succession upon previous AR, VR, and computational light works using a robot arm to control the light source, and a lens array system manufactured by Askanet inc., to create 4 light installation pieces.
The work aims to question if whether all things we see with the naked eye are reality, and what truely is reality.


Creative Direction: Daito Manabe
Hardware Engineering: Youichi Sakamoto
Software Engineering: Tatsuya Ishii

Technical Support: Kyohei Mouri, Asukanet Co., Ltd.