Proposal of an open environment for emergence and creation to the next generation –
An exhibition “ENDLESS IMAGINARY” is an exhibition where Rhizomatiks and young creators will be connected.

The situation surrounding media technologies has changed drastically as more creators are emerging, and they create unique arts with various ideas no matter how well-known they are.

At “ENDLESS IMAGINARY”, Rhizomatiks will lead the creation of a new audio-visual work using immersive space consisting of three large screens. Additionally, works from young creators including students from junior high school to college who are to lead the future will be exhibited as an installation.

Through events such as “Super Flying Tokyo”, which is the talk session event that aims the near future of the digital creative scene starting from Tokyo, Rhizomatiks has been introducing leading artists from around the world to examine and extend “the power of new creative”. Rhizomatiks also has eagerly supported young creators and educational programs to develop creators and environment through intensive workshops and open discussion.

In the age when we face changes and transition in every area globally, it is urgent to establish the environment for young creators from the upcoming generation to be able to show their works to expand their talents and possibilities. Rhizomatiks challenge to change the current situation with an open and participatory system, to provide open opportunities to young generations including students, and to propose an environment leading to self-formation of the community.

Rhizomatiks is calling openly for young creators who create works with us for this exhibition. We are waiting for applications from those aspiring young creators. Other special events are also planned. Please see the website for more detailed information, which we will publish accordingly.

Please enjoy works from original and unique creators beyond generations at Panasonic Center Tokyo.

Exhibition Info

Dates & VenuePanasonic Center (3-5-1, Ariake, Koto, Tokyo):
Thursday, April 1–Sunday, April 4, 2021 10:00AM–6:00PM

Special Online Venue:
Thursday, April 1–Wednesday, April 28, 2021