I got inspired “we can make fake smile with sending electric stimulation signals from computer to face, but NO ONE can make real smile without humans emotion”. This is words from Mr. Teruoka who is my collaborator to make devices.

And the piece was influenced by the work of the French researcher G.B. Duchenne “Mecanisme de la physionomie humain” from Icono-Photographique and the Austrian artist Stelarc’s “Ping body”. Coming from this trail of thought I began experimenting with myoelectric sensors and low frequency pulse generators intending to copy the expression of one face onto another. The face visualizer video which known as “Electric Stimulus to Face test” is one of the experiment of this project.

performance, direction, comcept, composition, sound design and programming: Daito Manabe
performers: Yasushi Fukuzawa, Rie Yoshioka, Muryo Homma, Yosuke Ushigome
hardware design support: Masaki Teruoka (VPP,true,biosignal), Katsuhiko Harada
sensor development: Masaki Teruoka
sound design support: Taeji Sawai
manipulation support for a performance: Hiroyuki Hori (Rhizomatiks)
all production support: Rhizomatiks

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